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My macOS Setup

31 October 2019

Earlier this month, Apple released macOS 10.15 Catalina, which brought many large changes such as support solely for 64-bit applications and allowing the use of an iPad as an external monitor with SideCar. Because of such large changes, I felt it was a good time for a fresh install on all my devices and an opportunity to track the install process and various apps I use regularly.

Note: This post will be focused on macOS apps and utilities, but in the future I may list out all the iOS and iPadOS apps I use as well.

Additionally, I’ve created a repo and will try to keep it updated as things change.



  • Xcode 11 - native IDE for Apple platforms
  • Cleaner for Xcode - easily clean up developer folder and simulators
  • Dash - offline API documentation browser
  • SnippetsLab - manager for code snippets with cloud sync
  • Atom - extensible text editor
  • Expressions - helpful tool for quickly creating regular expressions
  • Kaleidoscope - powerful file comparison tool


  • Alfred 4 - Spotlight replacement and productivity catalyst
  • Shifty - easily manage Night Shift
  • Magnet - organize workspaces by snapping apps to preset tile locations
  • Amphetamine - small utility for keeping your Macbook awake
  • ExternalDisplayBrightness - control brightness of external display(s)
  • iTerm2 - highly customizable Terminal replacement
  • Monit - system monitor widget for notification center
  • tmpNote - simple, accessible and persistent notepad on the menu bar
  • iStat Menus 6 - customizable system monitor for your menu bar
  • NordVPN - VPN client by one of the best providers
  • Radio Silence - network monitor and firewall
  • Transmit 5 - amazing FTP program that includes cloud connectivity
  • HazeOver - dim your screen except for active app window
  • AppCleaner - thoroughly and completely uninstall programs
  • Screens 4 - powerful VNC client
  • Screens Connect - companion application
  • DaisyDisk - beautiful visual interface for storage utilization
  • Toothpicks - handy Bluetooth device manager
  • HEIC Converter - free photo conversion tool
  • Overkill - prevents iTunes from launching when connecting iOS devices
  • GifCapture - quickly create GIFs by recording portions or elements of the screen


  • Enpass - multi-platform password vault with local and cloud sync options
  • Slack - searchable log of all conversation and knowledge
  • Discord - voice communication for gaming and other communities
  • qBittorrent - open-source P2P bittorrent client
  • Affinity Design - vector graphic design software
  • Affinity Photo - photo editing software
  • Typeface - beautiful font manager
  • IINA - modern, free, open-source media player
  • Plex - playback client for personal media server
  • Larry’s To-Do List - free, offline task management
  • cool-retro-term - fun terminal emulator that mimics old CRT monitors
  • Mactracker - provides detailed information on hardware created by Apple

Safari Extensions

  • Wipr - simple ad-blocker
  • PiPifier - adds picture-in-picture capability to any HTML5 video player

Atom Packages

  • trailing-spaces - highlights trailing (sometimes hidden) spaces
  • hex-view - convert text files to and from hex dumps
  • dash - Dash documentation integration

Command-Line Tools

iTerm 2 Configuration

  • Oh-My-Zsh - extensible, open-source framework for ZSH config
    • copydir - copies the path of your current folder to the system clipboard
    • copyfile - copies the contents of a file in your system clipboard
    • docker - adds autocomplete to Docker commands
    • encode64 - encode/decode using base64
    • extract - extract archives with single command
    • gem - adds completions for RubyGems commands
    • git - provides aliases and useful functions
    • history - examine and manage command-line history
    • jsontools - handy tools for managing JSON data
    • osx - helpful utilities for interacting with macOS
    • pip - adds autocomplete for Python package manager
    • sudo - prefix current or previous commands by pressing Escape twice
  • Afterglow Color Theme - dark terminal theme
  • Aphrodite Shell Theme - minimalistic shell prompt

HomeBrew Formulae

  • trash - moves files and folders to system trash; used instead of rm command
  • asciinema - used for recording terminal sessions
  • thefuck - suggests corrections for mistyped commands
  • archey - displays colorful system information
  • dark-mode - control system dark mode status via command-line
  • node - javascript runtime; also installs npm software registry
  • youtube-dl - downloads videos from YouTube and other sites
  • handbrake - includes HandBrake-CLI; dependency for video_transcoding
  • ffmpeg - video conversion tool; used for youtube-dl and video_transcoding
  • mkvtoolnix - tools for managing MKV files; dependency for video_transcoding
  • mp4v2 - tools for managing MP4 files; dependency for video_transcoding
  • speedtest-cli - execute bandwidth tests via command-line
  • wifi-password - displays password for connected Wi-Fi network
  • zsh-syntax-highlighting - provides syntax highlighting for zsh shell
  • ghostscript - dependency for ImageMagick
  • imagemagick - utility for manipulating images

Ruby Gems

Node Packages

  • vtop - graphical activity monitor for command-line

Alfred Workflows

Settings & Preferences

Favorite Screensavers

  • Fliqlo - animated flip clock
  • Brooklyn - animations from Apple’s October 2018 special event
  • Aerial - screensaver videos for Apple TV on your Mac
  • Drift - available within macOS 10.15 (Catalina)